Drawings, photography, art with daily materials ...



Works profoundly looking into the aspects of time and change.



New cityscapes as a consequence of urban sprawl


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  • Examining Gonca Sezer’s works, we can easily see the examples of the political economy that Foucault thought ‘species human’.

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    Ali Akay

    Sociologist - Curator
  • Gonca Sezer’s work, a composition of photographs entitled. ‘I gave you my heart’ refers to the poetic aesthetic apporoach to feminine identity.

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    Derya Yücel

  • Gonca Sezer invites the viewer to observe and examine the difference on surfaces. In fact, nature and architecture, city and body, death and life are juxtaposed in these photograph. The artist without hesitation shows the impurities, blemishes, spots, and marks of the skin. Evidently, this is a documentation of a performance that very sincere in its intentions and closely related to everyday habits, behavior and events, as such it is totally monotonous in ıts nature.

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    Beral Madra

    Art Critic - Curator/BM Contemporary Art Center Violence-Destruction - Exile